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An Attorney-Owned Real Estate Firm Helping Buyers Find Any Type of Property Quicksilver Real Estate Group helps people throughout the Tampa Bay region find and purchase the home of their dreams. A real estate purchase is a big deal. For most people, it is the biggest single investment they make in their lifetime.

We have sold houses and commercial properties in Tampa Bay since 2007.  Our company was founded at the beginning of the real estate recession, and our agents know how to excel in difficult markets.  We pride ourselves on adaptability, speed and agility -- the Quicksilver Real Estate advantages.

Tampa Bay real estate agents using MLS to help investors find the best property

A common question that you might have asked many times is where to find the best property. A simple answer to this question is hiring a real estate agent, as he will be your source to get what you want.

However, recently the Tampa Bay real estate agents have been using multiple listing services to provide their investors with some of the best properties. So here is how they have been helping the investors with the MLS.

Strike first

We are all aware of the fact that if you want the best it is important that you search for it before the others could. So the Tampa Bay real estate agents have been providing the information about the properties to their investors in Russia and China before anyone can recognize these properties or invest in them. It provides them with many benefits like:

         When least people know about a particular property it is easy to negotiate

         It allows them to search the list for a longer duration and select as many properties as they like

         They make sure they are fast in the selection procedure because only then they will get the best deals

         It will allow you to get the acceptance before others as well as an investor that might invest more than you have expected

Look for the old advertisements

One of the biggest benefits that the Tampa Bay real estate agents provide their customers is to provide them with the property on a budget of their demand. The technique they follow is to search for all the home advertisements that have been present in the MLS for a long time. In most of the cases, these are the homeowners that are paying for two properties at the same time.

Thus, they want to get rid of one of them as soon as possible. So the agents take advantages of such properties and finalize the deal on their demands. As all owner wants is to make sure that it is sold. To it is not that bad to look for the advertisements that have been in MLS for more than six months.

Play with the odds

One of the most amazing tip that the Tampa Bay real estate agents utilize to take their business to the new level of success. In addition, provide their investors with the property they desire is playing with odds.

The tactics they follow are:

         They keep the leads at the top

         Next, the analyze the leads that meet the requirements of the customers

         They place the offers on the best ones

         Present the offers to the investors that get acceptance

So to make sure that the investors are satisfied the agents make as many offers as they can and thus, display the best. Thus, dealing with the agent that uses MLS means that you will surely get the home that you have always dreamed about.

Our experienced real estate brokers and agents help you find the property you are looking for and then guide you through every step of the real estate transaction necessary to make your dream a reality.

Buying a Foreclosure Property

A home purchase is a complicated transaction. A distressed real estate sale is even more complicated. If you are interested in purchasing a foreclosure or short sale property, you will definitely want the advice and assistance of experienced realtors who have successfully handled a number of these sales. Our Tampa real estate agents provide skilled and knowledgeable assistance at every step, including:
  • Searching the MLS and other sources for foreclosure, short sale, and distressed properties;
  • Preparing sold comparables and a Market History Report to aid you in your decision-making process;
  • Recommending an offer price that will get you a good deal; Aggressively negotiating with the listing agent or bank's listing agent for favorable terms to give you the most control of the transaction;
  • Arranging for an experienced title company to review the title abstract to make sure that there are no hidden title problems, tax liens, or IRS issues that might surprise you after closing;
  • Arranging for skilled and knowledgeable inspectors to inspect the property, because most of these homes are sold in "as is" condition;
  • Giving you the opportunity to review the Home Owner's Association (HOA) to ensure that there is an adequate budget and reserves, because many distressed properties are part of HOAs that are bankrupt or failing financially;
  • Recommending experienced attorneys and CPAs to guide you in your short sale or foreclosure purchase;
  • Walking you through the property and the community right before you sign the closing documents, to make sure that nothing has changed with regard to the property after you wrote your offer;
  • Reviewing your final closing documents and attending the closing.

Quicksilver Real Estate Group is More than Just Foreclosures

Although we are a recognized leader in distressed property, we can assist you with any type of property. Our experience and success in the down market has helped us to become the best with any type of property - residential, luxury residential, waterfront, or first-time home buyers. Whatever your needs, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you realize your goals and dreams. Check out our listings, or contact one of our expert agents to discuss the type of property you are looking for. We have experience and expertise with foreign buyers as well, so if you are an out-of-state investor, we can provide all the guidance and assistance you need to make your Florida real estate purchase a success.

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