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It's a Buyer's Market for Florida Real Estate Investors

Several factors have come together to make now a great time to consider investing in real estate. Home prices are low, interest rates are low, and the housing market is starting to recover, meaning your investment today can start to grow in value right away. Quicksilver Real Estate Group can help you tap into the Tampa real estate market and find the real estate investments best suited to your short-term and long-terms investment goals.

Choosing the right real estate investment can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement income, or financial difficulties.  It is important to work with trained real estate professionals if you wish to make money in the Tampa real estate market.

Why Buy in Florida - What You Need to Know

Florida's population continues to grow at a rate outpacing the national average. We all know that Florida is one of the country's most attractive destinations for retirees. Consider where the baby boomers are now - they are just now starting to retire, and they are by and large an affluent, home-buying demographic. Now consider Florida's immigration rate as well. The combination of retirement relocations and immigration will continue to provide demand for homes in the Tampa area for years to come, increasing the potential for investors.

How Quicksilver Helps Investors

Quicksilver Real Estate Group is the fast-growing real estate company in Tampa and a leader in distressed properties. We have an incredibly robust presence across the MLS, print advertising and online media, and our agents are among the busiest representing buyers and sellers with foreclosures and short sales as well as all types of non-distressed properties. Our real estate brokerage also maintains an abundance of resources to help the foreign investor, including preferred exchange rates and multi-lingual capabilities. Let us help you maximize your investment capital with:
  • Qualified intermediaries for 1031 exchanges
  • Investor liquidation of distressed property
  • Short-term investing opportunities
  • Buy and hold strategies
  • Property management

Make the Most of Your Investment. Contact Quicksilver Real Estate Group in Tampa Today

Let the Tampa real estate experts at Quicksilver Real Estate Group help you realize your goals for real estate investing. Contact our office to speak with one of our qualified agents and get started today finding the property that's right for you.

Investing in Florida Real Estate from the 
Middle East 


Florida is currently one of the leading real estate markets that has been attracting investors from the Middle East. A study done by the CBRE states that each year more Middle Easterners are investing in properties in Florida. There are a number of reasons why this dramatic change is being noted in the last 2 years. The first reason is the unstable conditions, in the Middle East has turned wealthy families to look for more residency options around the world. The second reason is that Middle Easterners are now looking for a place beside New York and London. As Florida's real estate market was getting hotter, they saw an opportunity and jumped at it. 


For many Tampa is a new city to explore, and it offers a number of attractions, such as places to visit including parks, museums and beaches. In addition, the addition of new luxury homes and apartments appeals to Arabs looking for a residence or rental in the city. Lastly, over the last few years we have seen a number of world renowned restaurants, hotels, brands, and cultural offerings added to Florida, which has made it a much more sophisticated option for travelers, and movers. However, one of the key reasons for the interest in real estate investing is the direct flight to the Florida airports from major Middle Eastern Cities. 


So when you put all these elements together, you will see the appeal Florida has to offer. As it is now seen as a secure, up-market, modern, and accessible space for Middle Easterners. As it is a warm city, that offers reasonably priced homes, and amenities. 


Types of Middle Eastern Buyers in Florida 

There are three main types of Middle Eastern Buyers seen in Florida. 

  1. Individuals - wealthy individuals who are looking for a place to spend a few months each year. 

  2. Investors - People who are looking for small and large sized projects to invest in for the future. 

  3. Students - people who are planning on studying in one of the many universities that Florida has to offer. 

However, the majority of Middle Eastern buyers are looking for future investments they can bank on, and can access. 


How To get a US Visa from Middle East 

Residents of the Middle East require a visa to visit the United States. There are a number of visa types, and the most common one is non-immigration for a temporary stay. This can be a short visit for leisure, or for business. Here are the most basic types of Visas of the USA. 


  • Business (B-1) 

  • Tourism and Visit (B-2) 


How to Apply 

There are a number of steps you need to follow before you can apply for a visa for the US. The order you follow will depend on the US Embassy. You can even apply online, but you might have to visit the consulate or embassy once. 


How to Complete the Online Visa Application 

  • Application - you have to complete the entire visa application, and provide them with all the additional documents required. You must then print the application and bring it with you when they call you in for an interview. 

  • Photo - you must include a photo of yourself when you include the form online. The image should be taken following the requirements they have laid down. 

Once you get called for an interview, you must collect all the things they have asked for, before they head to the embassy. Once the interview is over, they will determine if you get a visa or not. The approval and rejection can be based on anything.  Having the right contacts and professional resources will make it much more likely that things will go smoothly so call us today for help (813) 288-0300.